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Can you find your way?Imagine this: a writer stumbles from blog to blog, always learning more, head filled with bounteous, beautiful knowledge.

But there’s no context, nothing to untangle the threads of conflicting advice, nothing to fill in the gaps between all the disjointed tips.

Are you that writer?

I was.

So I geeked out. For months I did almost nothing but question and mindmap, jotting down lean notes in a brightly colored journal. I was consumed. Years of research were torn apart and reconstructed; and slowly harmony emerged from cacophony.

Now I’m creating resources that step back to take in the whole picture, then dive in to grab the pearls of usable detail.

Writingeekery started out as a desire to unearth and share rare morsels of writerly knowledge, with some humor posts thrown in for good measure. It’s evolved into a determination to serve up context and nuance, nuts ‘n’ bolts and a touch of inspiration.

I help writers climb through the jungle of conflicting advice and overwhelming information to find their personal perspective, true voice, and unique writing process.

Bottom line, I spent the time studying so you don’t have to.

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Peek Behind the Curtain

Oh, I was supposed to put up a curtain? Whoops-i-daisy.

MJ BushI’m MJ Bush, a full-time writing coach, editor, and fantasy writer. I dislike advice that doesn’t give the full measure (as I’m sure you already gathered), and I’m willing to spend a month researching an article if that’s what it takes.

I love writing, thinking, and geeking. Yeah, I said that. (I MIGHT be a dork, too. Maybe.)

Some know me as The Analytical Creative, because I like to push the limits of my knowledge, finding connections that produce new insights. What can I say? It’s a rush all its own.

I’m committed to always learning more, and I believe that there will always be more to learn.

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